1. Phoenix

Written and produced by Jean-Paul Grobben and Serge Dusault
Guitars by Paul Davids
Artwork by Yolet Luijendijk

Release date: April 18, 2018

Available at

Liner notes | Written by James Warren

Coming together for a very special collaborative project, the combined talents of Sed Project’s Jean-Paul Grobben and Serge Dusault join forces with YouTube guitar star, Paul Davids. After the success of their third “Scandinavia” studio album in 2018, Davids asked Grobben and Dusault to marry their magical production techniques to his extraordinary guitar.

The resultant collaboration finds “Phoenix” rising from a flame ignited by three talented Dutch masters. Building effortlessly, plucked riffs and rippling piano motifs gradually extend into elegant sequences. Melodic tropes sit against shuffling percussive rolls, heavy beat and open-filtered synth lines before Davids’ guitar erupts in the final movement as distorted licks rise like flames in a blur of mesmerising sound.

Ever regenerating, the “Phoenix” rises higher still, burning bright in incandescent light.